SE Employee Award 2019 Long Service Award: Mr Wong Chi Fai (farmfresh 330)

“ There were training provided when I just started working in this social enterprise and employee policies are very flexible. I feel like my potentials and strengths can be fully developed here.”

Chi Fai, the shop manager of Farmfresh 330 is in charge of the sales, management, setting up of marketing strategies, supervision, and training of staff. Before being officially employed by farmfresh330, Chi Fai was a participant of the career training program and had his retail training in New Life Farm, now as known as Farmfresh 330.

Chi Fai began working as a trainee who worked and learned seriously with passion and enthusiasm in the shop despite the tiredness he had to bear because of his medical treatment for depression. He was, therefore, being employed as the shop manager.

He has been working in a social enterprise for over 10 years and is responsible for managing the shop by showing improvements and excellent working abilities with the support and encouragement from colleagues. He is very willing to share his rehabilitation stories with others and was interviewed by various newspapers and media. His journey in overcoming the circumstances he encountered is undoubtedly inspirational for other rehabilitators.