Welcome Remark

Hong Kong General Chamber of Social Enterprises (HKGCSE) was founded in 2009 by a group of NGOs’ heads who are passionate about social enterprises. The initial goal of GCSE is to provide jobs and training opportunities for disadvantaged groups and people with disabilities. Over the past 10 years, social enterprises have been flourishing globally, providing innovative strategies and alternative perspectives to address social problems and meet social needs, which is well recognized by NGOs, government, corporates, academic institutions and the general public.

HKGCSE now has about 270 social enterprise member projects, operated by around 70 non-profit organizations (NGOs) falling into 6 major categories, namely, catering, retail, education & training, healthcare, organic & environmental protection. We have a vision is to becoming an influential platform that unites and facilitates social enterprises in Hong Kong for the enhancement of a more inclusive society. As a platform organization, HKGCSE aims at connecting resources of all related parties in society, promoting collaboration, mutual support and sharing among social enterprises and stakeholders. Also, we advocate

formulation and implementation of policies to promote and create a robust ecology for social enterprise development. Other than government, corporates and charitable organizations, we hope social enterprises will soon become a new movement that can change society, provide creative, innovative, effective, equitable and just solutions for addressing social problems.

It is never easy for social enterprises to achieve the double bottom line of accomplishing social goals and run business sustainability. HKGCSE wishes to walk this challenging journey with every social entrepreneur and become their close partners. With the collective power and determination, HKGCSE and our SE members will create a progressive, inclusive and caring Hong Kong.

Andy Ng