About Us


Inaugurated in 2009, The Hong Kong General Chamber of Social Enterprises (HKGCSE) strive to enhance Social Enterprises development. Understanding the needs of social enterprises, we facilitate the building of a more beneficial environment in social enterprises sector, provide career opportunities to the disadvantaged group, in a bid to foster the stability and prosperity in Hong Kong.



To be an influential platform that unites and facilitates social enterprises in Hong Kong for better enhancement of an inclusive society.


Our Mission

To fulfill the above Vision, HKGCSE strives to activate a favorable business environment for the growth of local social enterprises. It sets out the Mission as follows:

  1. Generates positive impact to the society
  2. Creates opportunity for collaboration
  3. Supports and advocates the development of social enterprises
  4. Educates social enterprises practitioners for better enhancement of efficiency.



  1. To promote social enterprise movement.
  2. To be the voice of social enterprise.
  3. To act as the bridge between social enterprises and other sectors including government, corporates, academia and NGOs.
  4. To equip social enterprises with professional competencies.
  5. To broaden the public’s understanding of social enterprises