SE Employee Award 2019 Long Service Award: Ms Yau Wing Mei (Helping Hands One-Stop Service)

“Working in a social enterprise is very flexible that caters to my needs. I can work to make a living while taking care of my children.”

Yau Wing Mei experienced the passing away of her beloved ones in the past 10 years while working in a social enterprise. She has been raising her children on her own as a single parent and has decided to become a full-time employee in 2015 so that she can rely on herself to make a living without applying for any subsidies from the government.

Wing Mei is now a full-time senior manager of the enterprise who is very familiar with all types of cleaning work and can work with high efficiency. She performs outstanding leadership and teaching skills that help the team to collaborate effectively in large scale cleaning projects. Customers are satisfied with Wing Mei’s service, showing that she is a loyal and reliable employee. She inspires people around her especially single parents like her to live with positivity by sharing her own experiences in overcoming the circumstances in her life. She motivates and encourages them to work again, especially in social enterprises. Wing Mei’s bravery and strength in facing tough challenges shall be highly respected and appreciated.