Apply Now for SE Employee Recognition Scheme 2020


Employees are the most valuable asset for the long-term development of social enterprise. This scheme aims at recognizing the contribution of employees working in Social Enterprises. Due to the current situation, we have arranged live broadcasting for the presentation ceremony. The nominees will be invited to do video-shooting for the ceremony in October.


(1) Employee Recognition

Every nominee will receive a souvenir pack.

Nomination Criteria:
1)Serving at the existing social enterprise for 1 or more years
2)Had not been nominated in this Scheme


Important Notes:
1)Each social enterprise project is allowed to nominate 1 employee.
2)Please fill in the name of the nominee and the SE project served in BLOCK LETTERS. Information will be printed on the certificate.


(2) Long Service Award

To further encourage and motivate staff morale, the Hong Kong General Chamber of Social Enterprises (HKGCSE) specially set up the Long Service Award to recognize those who have continuously contribute to the sector of social enterprise for 10 years or more. Each selected nominee will receive a cash prize of HK$1,000. The nomination criteria are as follows:


1) The nominee has worked in the same social enterprise project or organization for at least 10 consecutive years
2) Never be the awardee for Long Service Award
3) Past awardees in Hong Kong Social Enterprise Employee Recognition Scheme can also be nominated in the Long Service Award
4) Only ONE staff can be nominated by each social enterprise project
5) Nominees may be invited for a screening interview

All matters and disputes are subject to the final decision of HKGCSE


Apply Now: Link


Deadline: 10th Oct 2020