How to Join HKGCSE

Please download and complete the membership application form and return it to our office at the following address:

The Hong Kong General Chamber of Social Enterprises
Rm1205, 12/F, Houtex Industrial Building, 16 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, HK

Application Form for Institutional Members

Application Form for SE Buddies

Application Form for SE Ambassador

Application Procedure (Chinese Only)




For enquiries, please e-mail or call 36166951


Below is more information on the following:

Categories of Membership
We currently have two categories of membership:
Institutional Member (Full Membership) – Any body corporate registered in Hong Kong which operates one or more social enterprise projects and fulfill the conditions listed in the eligibility criteria below. A Full Member shall have all the rights as prescribed for the members of the SE Chamber in its Memorandum and Articles

Institutional Member (Associate Membership) – Any person of 18 years or above or any company incorporated under the Company Ordinance or any body corporate registered in Hong Kong under Part XI of the Company Ordinance which supports the objectives of the Chamber may apply for Associate Membership. An Associate Member shall have the right to receive notices to attend general meetings, to be appointed by the Management Council to fill a vacancy of the Council, and to participate in general events organized by the Chamber. They do not enjoy the right to vote in the Chamber’s general meetings.

SE Buddies – Non-students who are interested in social enterprises, including working groups and retirees or Social enterprise staff of institutional members.

SE Ambassador – College degree or above, full-time and part-time students who are interested in social enterprises (After Social Enterprise Ambassadors complete their studies, they can apply to become Social Enterprise Buddies.)


Membership Fees

  • Full Member: HK$ 1,000 per annum, HK$ 1,500 (2 Years)
  • Associate Member: HK$ 500 per annum, HK$ 800 (2 Years)
  • SE Buddies (General Public): HK$ 100 (2 Years)
  • SE Buddies (Social enterprise staff of institutional members): Free (2 Years)
  • SE Ambassador: Free
  • The application result and membership validity period will be notified by email. The effective period of membership is from April 1st of the first year of the fiscal year to March 31st of the second year.If it is less than one year, it will be counted in half a year.

The Management Council will send notifications of membership renewal by e-mail between February and March


Membership Criteria

 No Criteria Sources Of Evidence Requirement for SE
1 The enterprise stated as social enterprise and started operation more than one year. – Annual report
– Annual audited report
– Certified accounts
– Other supporting documents
2 At least 50% of the enterprise’s turnover is earned through sales of goods and/or services. – Accounts
– Annual audited report
– Certified annual audited report
3 The enterprise has an appropriate legal status. It must not be governed or driven by individual profit. – Constitution
– M & A
4 The enterprise has a constitution or written guiding principles that reflect its social objectives. – Constitution
– Written guiding principles displayed
5 All employees have a contract of employment and market wage as reasonable as possible. – Employment contracts
– Payroll
6 More than 25% of employees are people with severely disadvantaged in the labour market (e.g. disabled people, people with mental health problems, homeless, ex-offenders, those with substance misuse issues etc.). – Staff profile Desirable
7 An equal approach is taken to the type of employment contracts used across all staff. – Employment Contracts Desirable
8 All employees have the opportunity to progress either within the Social Enterprise or into alternative employment as appropriate. – Staff profiles
– Supervision & appraisal
9 Trainees and volunteers have different programmes and responsibilities to those of employees. Training should be time-limited and should lead to an award once competences are achieved. – Training Contract
– Training Programme leading to award or qualification
– Volunteer Agreement


  • Full members should fulfill ALL essential requirements and meet at least 2 desirable criteria.
  • Associate members should fulfill at least 3 essential requirements and at least 1 desirable criterion (not applicable to “individual” applicants)
  • The Council reserves the right to check the sources of evidences reported by applicant in this form
  • Membership application should be supported by written recommendations of at least two Full Members.
  • The Council reserves the right to accept or decline any membership applications.
  • The Council will not return the application fee if the supporting documents is not submitted within THREE months.
  • The Council may at its sole discretion admit the applicant as either a Full member or an Associate member of the Chamber.