M084-I Char Yoga and Wellness Limited

社企 Social Enterprises


Insomnia and negative emotion happen often to most cancer warriors during their cancer journey due to the side effects of the medical treatments as well as the life challenges we face, SINGING BOWL can instantly provide relaxation and stress release mode which are perfect for cancer warriors and we experience many impactful and miracle cases that helped warriors to let go low moods.

Create and Build a sustainable and supportive cancer warrior community with coaches who also went through the same or similar illness situation and pains that other cancer warriors went through one does not need to explain in details about what had happened to them and our coaches is able to understand and give support and proper rehab exercise to them The bonding and cohesive have been created fruitfully Cancer warriors can take off their wigs in our classes and we offer wig holders We also offer flexible expiry date as warriors have treatment schedule Non judgmental and support are always given in our studio.