Secretary for Home Affairs, Mr Tsang Tak-sing, at the opening ceremony of the new website of the Hong Kong Social Enterprise Association

Opening Ceremony of the New Premises of Glorious Sun Centre – 2013/09/09

  The opening ceremony of HKGCSE – Glorious Sun Centre was successfully held on 9th September, 2013 in the Houtex Industrial Building located in Kwun Tong. It is a great honor to have the Secretary for Home Affair of HKSAR, Mr. Tsang Tak-sing GBS, JP and the Chairman of Glorious Sun Group, Dr. Charles Yeung, SBS, JP to be our officating guests. With around 40 prestigious guests from different SEs in Hong Kong, we witnessed the Glorious Sun Centre launching its mission to promote SE development.

  Mr. Tsang Tak-sing GBS, JP said in the speech, he was very pleased to witness the co-operation between Government, business and public to support the development of SEs in Hong Kong, and thanks HKGCSE for setting up offices and physiotherapy center to nurture new social enterprises. Besides, the chairman of Glorious Sun Group, Dr. Charles Yeung, SBS, JP also donated HK$3,521,000 to HKGCSE to support our continue development.

  The relocation to the new site was the beginning of a new age, and HKGCSE will continues to serves as an intermediate to foster the exchange of ideas, promotion of creativity in both mainland and Singapore in order to achieve the vision of “Uniting social enterprises for developing business and nurturing new corporate culture”.